About Me…

   When my, soon to be husband,Tom, told me he had a dream about me accepting an award for writing I was stunned to say the least.
How did he know I had always dreamed of writing?
He didn’t, but God did.
That was the catalyst for pushing me into my passion.
Several magazine articles led to writing for my local newspaper, which led to my first book. Dalton Discovers the Ten Commandments. It was a dream come true.
As a native of Longview, Washington and a child of a career military family I had the opportunity to travel through each of our beautiful fifty states and some of Europe. Experiencing the cultures from various parts of the United States played a part in how I fell in love with writing.
I graduated from Marshall County Central High School in Newfolden, Minnesota in 1973 but now make my home with my husband in Asheboro, North Carolina.
And now twenty one years later with a blended family of five children and ten grandchildren we stay happily busy.
Tom and I love to fish, plant gardens, discover new waterways, and seek God in everything we do. Our schedules are busy ones but we find time each evening to sit and listen to the critters around the pond and share how God has encouraged us during the day.
After I attended a Christian Writers Conference I learned that if you write you must speak. That was not in my list of things I longed to do, and certainly not on my bucket list.
When I was introduced to Christian Communicators and graduated from their annual conference in 2015 my passions changed to include speaking.
When asked to give an invocation to a large national company in San Diego, California I decided that would be my jumping off point into the world of speaking.
My love for Christ and sharing His love for each of us has led me on this journey of writing and speaking; a journey that has been one of discovery, excitement, fulfillment and most of all listening; listening to God’s guidance.
I now write and record a weekly pod cast, post a daily video or writing to encourage your walk with God through prayer (links on the first page) and working on an exciting book I have titled Sweet Aroma.
I look forward to meeting you through my social media pages that are listed on the home page.