Let Your Day Rest in God’s Hands

Some days my mind feels so full I cannot imagine it holding one more morsel of information, drama, grief, hurt or sometimes, even love.

How can that be when God created us to do all things for Him, with Him, in Him?

Oh, I know why!

Because I am not compliant.

So, I ask for wisdom and guidance.

I walk every morning, weather permitting. I walk when it’s cold, when it’s hot, when it’s sloppy wet.

My body is depending on my attention to it, my mind is depending on the clarity I receive from clearing it, and my soul, well my soul benefits immensely from it. I talk to God; I listen to God.

As I walk my body loosens up, my mind starts to clear, and I feel God walking with me.

He tells me to let Him handle the day. I just need to be compliant.

So, I ask for guidance.

BUT, for me to accept His guidance I MUST put my desires aside and wait.

I will carefully take each step during the day, not to stumble, not to fall, but to gracefully glide allowing God’s will to be my guide.

Yes, thank you Father for handling today.

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