Sweet Aroma

Sweet Aroma

A heartwarming novel about a humble, mystery baker who makes it her mission to uplift those in her quaint hometown who are hurting, with the sweet aroma of her fresh-baked poundcakes. 

     A smell, an aroma, is light at first, faint almost. You find yourself stopping to allow the invisible blanket to surround you, wrapping you in a sweet memory: the gentle but also powerful memory the aroma brings.  

     The aroma surrounds you, filling your soul and triggering a memory that brings comfort. Aromatherapy takes on a surprising, new meaning when Miss Jessie steps on the scene with her pound cakes!

     It is her mission to listen, watch, and discover which aroma brings peace and comfort to the individuals in her small community who are experiencing sadness. She imagines wrapping them in a quilt of comfort with her pound cakes.  

     Knowing them intimately, Miss Jessie bakes the pound cakes with a distinct aroma which is specific to each hurting individual. She leaves the pound cakes on the porch, secretly hoping their hearts are touched.  No one knows who brings these sweet delicacies… that brings joy to Miss Jessie’s soul. 

At eighty-two years old she has learned to be quite humble as she secretly gifts the poundcakes and heads home! Mapleton, the small Minnesota town she had grown to love, was not void of town gossips. Irene was determined to find out who the humble, mystery baker was, asking “How can they have the audacity to just show up on someone’s doorstep with a cake?”  Irene contacts Grant, a young reporter, shamelessly assigning him the task of searching out this person!  

     Little does Irene know that Grant is Miss Jessie’s next-door neighbor who is just as much in the dark as everyone else! Jessie sends Grant in all the wrong directions searching for the the pound cake caper in this humorous and heartwarming plot with twists and turns leading to an ending you couldn’t anticipate if you tried! 

     Each chapter brings a new family’s story of culinary aromatherapy, God’s Word, and a new pound cake recipe for readers to create their own sweet aroma!

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